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At SES Building & Energy Solutions, we’ve installed over 2000 Solar PV systems onto homes and businesses in the UK. We are doing our bit to fight climate change and earn £££s for our customers in reduced electricity bills and incentive payments via the FEED IN TARIFF.


Our Approach

– First, we need to evaluate your roof to make sure it’s suitable for Solar. Go to our Google Map and follow the simple steps.

– We’ll then contact you within 24 hours! And, provided your roof is good for solar, we will arrange a meeting at a time convenient to you, and with no obligation.

– After a thorough survey of your roof, and after discussing your priorities, we’ll talk you through the available options.

– Once you’re happy to proceed, we can organise a date to install your new Solar PV system so that you can start saving and earning money immediately!

– Installation is typically completed in 1 day. Should you require scaffolding, it would be erected the day before installation and removed the day after.

– Once installed and commissioned, we’ll show you how to monitor your system and help with your application for Feed In Tariff.



How Solar PV Works

how do solar pv panels work

– Quite simply, Solar Panels consist of individual solar cells (up to 60 of them), which comprise of thin wafers of semi conducting material (normally silicon). There are 2 wafers per cell, arranged in parallel lines. These are wired together and contained in a sealed unit covered by a non-reflective, self-cleaning, toughened glass. A reaction between Photons (particles of light/ electromagnetic radiation) from the Sun and the silicon wafers (which are doped with chemicals) in the solar cells generates a flow of electricity in the form of Direct Current (DC).

– The DC electricity is conducted via cables to the Inverter (either fitted in the loft… or, in the case of micro inverters, under each panel) which converts DC to Alternating Current (AC). This is so that you can use the solar electricity to power your appliances.

– AC electricity then flows through a Generation Meter to your Consumer Unit, and then to your domestic supply circuit.

– Any solar electricity that isn’t used then flows back into the National Grid.

– We can show you ways of minimising the electricity that is sent back to the Grid, to help you maximise the use of the Free Solar electricity for your own additional benefit.



How the Feed In Tariff (FIT) Works

– The Feed in Tariff (FIT) is a scheme set up by the Government in April 2010, which helps to provide a financial incentive to those generating their own Green Renewable Energy.

– The FIT is split into 2 incentive payments: Firstly, the Generation Tariff pays the Solar PV Owner for every single unit of electricity generated by the solar panels. This payment is made, regardless of whether the solar electricity is used or not. Secondly, it is assumed that 50% of all solar electricity generated flows back to the National Grid – this triggers a further payment via the Export Tariff.

– In addition to these payments, you can save up to 50% off your current electricity bills by using the Free Solar electricity at your disposal!

– Total Financial Benefit = Generation Tariff + Export Tariff + Electricity Bill Savings

– The FIT rates are reviewed by the Government every quarter, and typically reduce each quarter for new entrants to the FIT scheme. So there’s no time to wait – don’t miss out! Go to our Google Map, then follow the simple steps and submit your enquiry TODAY!

– Once we’ve installed your solar panels and registered you for FIT payments, your tariff rate is “locked in” at the current level and is not affected by the quarterly FIT reviews.

– Feed In Tariff benefits are paid to you quarterly, and are guaranteed for 20 years. They are also index linked and so will rise each year to keep pace with inflation, as well as being paid to you Tax-Free.


Choosing The Right Panels

We take great care in choosing the generating equipment we install and are constantly reviewing the market. So our customers can be confident that the options we offer all provide good value for money, come from trusted suppliers and manufacturers, have extensive warranties and guarantees, will perform efficiently and look good on your roof!

We will consult with you and listen to your preferences and future plans. The panels and inverters we offer are bespoke and will depend upon the orientation, size and shape of your roof, together with any factors discovered during our consultation. Our priority is to listen to our customers and provide solutions that work best for their home and individual circumstances.



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