Commercial Case Studies

Duplo International Solar PV

Duplo International – 49,880 Wp Solar PV Panels
Mr Phil GreenHalgh contacted Future Green Energy to install solar PV systems and air source heat pumps in their building. He was impressed with the potential savings and decided to act now and become one of the growing community in renewable energy. Panel Model Sharp 235…

Wheelers Farm

Mr Colin Wheelers – 48.51 kWp Solar PV Panels
Future Green Energy installed a 48.51 kWp solar PV system into Mr Wheelers’ Farm home in Aberaeron. The project consists of 198 solar PV panels. The structure of the instalment is three rows of 66 panels…

Drive, Cardiff

Mr Barry Gallagher – 11,760 kWp Solar PV Panels
Mr Gallagher is the Chief Executive for Drive, which is located in Cefn Coed Business Park, Cardiff. Future Green Energy installed a 11,760 kWp solar PV system on top of the business building. The building and roof is roughly square which made the designing and installing…

Hot Mill School, Ebbw Vale

Mr Mike Davies – 6,750 kWp Solar PV Panels
A new development for Hot Mill Primary School was accepted and giving the go ahead to start building in Ebbw Vale. The creators wanted the new school to make an impact on reducing the carbon footprint and desided to install a Solar PV System into the…

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