MCS Requirements & Gas Safe Confirmation

The Green Deal oversight body and MCS have finally confirmed the requirements for MCS installers and gas safe registered installers. This brings businesses one step closer to being ready and known as a credited Green Deal installers. Gas Safe For companies who are Gas Safe registered or applying for one, it will be accepted as demonstrating compliance with the gas safety elements of PAS 2030. The installer has to required and approved by a Green Deal Certification Board in particular the Quality Management System. For Gas Safe registered installers looking to become apart…continue reading →

5 Greenest Hotel In London

A few weeks ago, the UK was voted the number one greenest country in the world by the ACEEE. This was made possible by many factors relating the whole of the UK. Not only has home owners become greener through installing microgeneration technologies into their home but they have also become greener through insulating their homes and recycling their rubbish. London is the largest city in the UK and has become one of the greenest cities in the world over the last decade. London has developed thousands of green spaces around the city.…continue reading →

Change In Cabinet And The Green Deal

Yesterday, the country saw some major changes in the governments cabinet and some big names moved on or change post. The Green Deal however was not involved in these major changes.Greg Barker is still the Minister of State for Energy and Climate Change and Edward Davey is still the Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change. The only change that comes under the Green Deal Scheme is that Owen Patterson is now stated as Environment Secretary. Many are surprised by this move as Owen Patterson is not known for his greenest of…continue reading →

Green Deal – Solid Wall Insulation

The Green Deal has many measures listed within the scheme to help increase the energy efficiency in homes and businesses. One of those measures is solid wall insulation. Solid wall insulation is mostly needed in houses that were built before the 1920's because it was only then that building cavity walls was introduced. The development of solid wall insulation over the last few decades have increased with new materials being introduced with significant high energy saving efficiencies. Research has shown that homes and businesses that have solid wall materials lose around 45% of…continue reading →

Green Deal Golden Rule Defined

The house of commons has put pen to paper in defining the Green Deal Golden Rule. It is not set ready for the launch later this year. The house of commons has defined the golden rule: "The estimated average savings should always equal or exceed the cost of the work (including labour, materials and finance). The repayments should not therefore be higher than the average energy bills, but in talking about an average, there is no guarantee that in every case, a households savings will cover the Green Deal payments." The Green Deal…continue reading →

No Upper Limit For Businesses

The Green Deal have announced that there is no upper limit to the money available when applying for a business. This will be very attractive and a great opportunity for businesses to upgrade and turn their businesses into a greener, energy efficient work place. This no limit will go through the same process with an accredited Green Deal Provider inspecting the building and then creating a plan. The no limit will give the business a great opportunity to install the newest microgeneration technologies however, as long as it fits under the Green Deals…continue reading →

£16 Million Boost On Reducing Carbon Emissions

Today is the launch of the £16 million fund in the UK to develop the countries mission in lowering carbon emissions. This huge sum will be targeted towards entrepreneurs to boost the development of a greener planet and create new ideas. The £16 million fund is now open for applications and will be focusing on two main areas. The first £10 millions will be available to support the energy efficiency technologies like advanced lighting systems, building control systems, space heating and cooling technologies. Then the other £6 million will be available to power…continue reading →

Green Deal Update

The launch of the Green Deal Scheme is coming nearer and nearer. The final preparations setting in place. Here's just a quick update and a reminder on the Green Deal Scheme. Dates The Green Deal Scheme will start at the end of October 2012.The actual date has not been confirmed yet however from October you will be able to contact a Green Deal Adviser and apply. Measures There are a lot of measures that can be installed into your home. Microgeneration technologies will be available under the Green Deal Scheme. Although solar systems…continue reading →

Important Steps For The Green Deal

The Green Deal Finance Company (TGDFC) have been given a £7 million loan from the DECC in order for them to carry on developing its low cost finance starting in january 2013. The DECC has released this statement on the 8th of August stating: ✔ £7m loan to The Green Deal Finance Company to help ensure it is ready to offer finance to Green Deal Providers in early 2013 ✔ HM Treasury announces that Green Deal will be an early candidate for the use of infrastructure guarantees ✔ Green Deal registration opens today…continue reading →

Green Deal Timeline Update

From yesterday, the 8th of August, the Green Deal Registering Body has started to pre-register assessors, providers and installers. The DECC has released a Green Deal Authorisation Guidance. This booklet will guide companies through what they need to do for their company to become an established Green Deal providers. When the 1st of October comes, authorised Green Deal accredited assessors will be able to start operating and completing Green Deal plans ready for the end of January 2013. Authorised Green Deal installers will be able to commence work prior to the end of…continue reading →