Solar Panels Feed in Tariffs

Department of Energy and Climate Change has introduced regulations to put feed in tariffs scheme (FITs) on a more predictable, certain and sustainable footing for households, businesses and for the solar industry. The government has introduced a range of changes to the FITs scheme starting from the 1st of August. The main change offers a greater value of money which allows households and businesses to plan with confidence. This change will benefit many households and businesses and will be great news to the industry. The feed in tariff for a basic solar PV…continue reading →

Saving The Green Deal

Prime Minister calls for an urgent meeting to save the Green Deal. The Prime Minister, David Cameron has announced he wants to safe the Green Deal Scheme. He announced that the Cabinet Office are putting together an emergency briefing to see how they can alter or modify the Green Deal so that it does not the effect the insulation industry. Many senior figures within the Cabinet Office gave an interview on what must be changed for the Green Deal to be successful. These alterations must be done to avoid concerns and problems that…continue reading →

The Green Deal Energy Efficiency

At his years Hay Festival, the secretary of state, Edward Davey identified that energy efficiency is a key aspect to our economy. In the first of three Future of Energy conferences he stated that moving to a low carbon economy is compatible with the growth. On the panel with the secretary of state was E.ON Chief Executive Tony Cocker and Director of Inspire Jane Davidson. Edward Davey stated “The great thing about energy efficiency is that it unambiguously good for growth and good for tackling fuel poverty. So energy efficiency is right at…continue reading →

The Green Deal Cash Back

The government have made plans for Green Deal customers to have bigger cash back boosts when group applications are submitted. A draft discussion plan has been documented which considers enhancing the cash back payments when group applications are received. Not only does the government want the public interest in Green Deal to increase but it would like to see work being completed on streets basis than individual households. The cash back boosted by the government has been given a £200 million incentive as promised in the 2011 Green Deal Autumn statement. The industry…continue reading →

Green Deal Certified Bodies

UK Accredited Service (UKAS) have finally announced the first 14 Green Deal Certification bodies. Here are the first 14 that show approval under PAS2030 on the UKAS website: ✔ Blueflame Certification ✔ BM Trada Certification ✔ BRE Global ✔ BBA ✔ BSI ✔ Certass ✔ CIBSE ✔ CLE ✔ ECMK ✔ Elmhurst Energy Systems ✔ Energy Saving Trust ✔ FENSA ✔ NICEIC ✔ OFTEC The official release of these first 14 are still to be announced by UKAS and the DECC. For more information on the Green Deal Scheme, please contact us on Free…continue reading →

Green Deal

The Green Deal Scheme The government has created an initiative called the Green Deal Scheme that will allow home owners and businesses to reduce their carbon output. Microgeneration technologies, alternative technologies and insulations will be installed to produce electricity and heating for their property. The government haven’t finalised the whole process yet however the Green Deal Scheme initiative will be a big hit when giving the go ahead in the autumn 2012. The DECC have printed a rough draft of the Green Deals Code of Practice and have stated these 7 general provisions:…continue reading →