The Green Deal has many measures listed within the scheme to help increase the energy efficiency in homes and businesses. One of those measures is solid wall insulation. Solid wall insulation is mostly needed in houses that were built before the 1920’s because it was only then that building cavity walls was introduced. The development of solid wall insulation over the last few decades have increased with new materials being introduced with significant high energy saving efficiencies.

Research has shown that homes and businesses that have solid wall materials lose around 45% of their properties energy just through the walls. That’s nearly half of their energy loss just concentrating on one building material factor. Solid wall insulation is within the Green Deal because a great number of the population are living in these homes.

Solid wall insulation can be installed into your property averaging around £9,000 to £13,000 depending on the size of the building. When insulated you can expect savings up to £500 on your energy bills over the year. For example, if the insulation costs £10,000 and you save around £500 a year which fits into the Green Deal’s golden rule, you will be able to pay off the Green Deal in 20 years. Over the next 50 years you can expect to save around £15,000 after finishing paying the solid wall insulation.

For the majority of the UK they have insulated walls and cavity walls but for millions of us they still don’t. The Green Deal scheme is offering a massive opportunity to homes and businesses to improve their energy efficiency in their buildings and also save thousands.

Don’t get left behind and apply to the Green Deal Scheme!!!

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