The launch of the Green Deal Scheme is coming nearer and nearer. The final preparations setting in place. Here’s just a quick update and a reminder on the Green Deal Scheme.


The Green Deal Scheme will start at the end of October 2012.The actual date has not been confirmed yet however from October you will be able to contact a Green Deal Adviser and apply.


There are a lot of measures that can be installed into your home. Microgeneration technologies will be available under the Green Deal Scheme. Although solar systems and heat pumps will be wanted within home, the first priority is insulation. The Green Deal Scheme is looking to improve the buildings insulation first in order to ensure the energy efficiency of the building. Roofs and lofts will be targeted first and the windows and doors second.

The greater insulated your building becomes, the greater chance of having the opportunity to have microgeneration technologies installed.


Home owners will be eligible to have £10,000 to invest in their homes. Businesses will have more to invest in depending on the building and the results from the Green Deal Adviser.

There are no up front costs to the Green Deal. Everything will be installed without one single payment. The method of payback will be through your savings on your energy bills. You only pay back what you save. The payback method can be varied with the length of payback from a single year to a maximum of 25 years.

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