The Green Deal oversight body and MCS have finally confirmed the requirements for MCS installers and gas safe registered installers. This brings businesses one step closer to being ready and known as a credited Green Deal installers.

Gas Safe

For companies who are Gas Safe registered or applying for one, it will be accepted as demonstrating compliance with the gas safety elements of PAS 2030. The installer has to required and approved by a Green Deal Certification Board in particular the Quality Management System.

For Gas Safe registered installers looking to become apart of the Green Deal Scheme, to get approved Easy Green Deal offer support service and help. This help includes a design of a Green Deal Quality Management System, a personal Green Deal Mentor to train and support you all the way through the process and a 12 month support on maintaining your Green Deal Approval.


To the companies that are already MCS accredited, they will have to meet the requirements set out in the technical set out in the technical annexes in PAS 2030. These cover the measures by MCS but will still need to put in place QM system to fully meet the PAS 2030 requirements. The only exemption applies for the measures that will be covered by the MCS scheme.

If MCS installers wish to install other Green Deal measures, the company must comply with the full requirements for these measures. MCS installers will also need to sign up to the Green Deal Code of Practice.

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