The Green Deal have announced that there is no upper limit to the money available when applying for a business. This will be very attractive and a great opportunity for businesses to upgrade and turn their businesses into a greener, energy efficient work place.

This no limit will go through the same process with an accredited Green Deal Provider inspecting the building and then creating a plan. The no limit will give the business a great opportunity to install the newest microgeneration technologies however, as long as it fits under the Green Deals golden rule. The golden rule states the cost must be paid with the savings that the improvements made.The time limit for the pay back remains the same with a maximum time limit of 25 years.

Green Deal should be a great success with businesses because of the advantages that comes from there. Not only will you turn your businesses into a greener, more energy efficient which will reduce your energy bills, you DO NOT have to pay any up front costs. The pay back come from the savings you make from the improvements.

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