Redwell Infrared Heating

Think of the sun heating the tarmac on roads – you get a heat haze from the radiant heat absorbed by the road from the sun. Then, if you go back to the road after the sun goes down, you will find it is still warm and radiating heat. The same principle applies to objects in your home.

Infrared is a modern, innovative way to heat your property. Unlike traditional gas, oil and electric systems, which only heat the air, Redwell Infrared heats the very fabric of your building. This process can save homes and businesses a significant amount in heating costs and allows a sustainable means of providing heat where and when needed.

Energy Savings

100% of the electrical energy used by infrared systems is converted into heat. Research shows that a sufficiently insulated building, fitted with infrared panels, can expect significant reductions in energy usage, including:

  • Up to 60% reduction on electrical storage heating.
  • Up to 50% reduction on oil central heating systems
  • Up to 25% reduction on gas central heating systems

With Infrared heating, you will require a much lower watts-per-cubic-metre ratio than gas or oil systems, which means you’re highly likely to enjoy energy savings, no matter what your existing setup is.

Healthy Heat

Infrared Heating systems increase comfort levels, significantly reduces damp, condensation and mould growth. In addition to this Infrared Heating systems will not expose people to the air movement associated with conventional heating systems, in turn cutting down associated breathing problems, which are made worse by the movement of dust, bacteria and particles. Infrared has become a widely recognised form of natural healthcare and is used in physiotherapy and rheumatism treatments. It can stimulate blood circulation and, as a result, help heal injuries faster.

Stylish Heat

Redwell Infrared Heating Panels are the best and most stylish available in today’s market. Slimline, elegant, ceiling, or wall mounted, round, square, rectangular – they can be anything you want!  Redwell’s innovative designs means that your heating panels can be designer glass, mirrors, blackboards, or even high quality, high resolution printed artwork or photographs!

Warmer for longer3

Rather than heating and circulating the air in the room like traditional heating systems, Redwell Infrared heats you directly as well as the very fabric of your building. This includes the walls, the furniture and any other objects in it.

Easy installation and low maintenance

Unlike water-based heating or fan-assisted systems, which may generate repair costs or the need for replacement parts, infrared technology requires virtually no maintenance or servicing due to the lack of moving parts. Installation is quick and easy, with a range of thermostatic controls designed to zone rooms individually ensuring you only pay for heat where and when you want it. Thermostatic controls can be hard wired and wall mounted, or wireless and portable, with both options easily and remotely controllable via your smartphone, tablet, or PC.  Redwell Infrared Heating Panels have a maintenance-free design life of well in excess of 40 years.  In fact, since this technology has no moving parts and no component degradation, panels should last a lifetime!

Whether you just want to top up your existing heating in the coldest parts of your home, or install a whole house or whole business system, we will have a cost-effective, efficient, and stylish solution for you. Please get in touch for a free consultation/survey/quotation.

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